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Pedro & Jasmine Vargas

I haven’t spoken to you in so long . But I’m used to it now …. its completely normal . At first it was hard for me to grasp on how …. i wouldn’t see or hear you anymore … but now I’ve moved on …. Im letting go .. Can’t believe we lasted that long yah know … I told myself I wouldn’t let you lead me down that path …. but I walked .. for so long and so slow … heart aching, eyes wasting … tears . Being dumb not listening to anyone or anything but your irrelevant shit …. But now I know I’ve learned for future note … you think you have a good one until you actually let em go … on the outside lookin in makes things look a lot more clear . This is no fib .. I don’t miss you at all .. just your soft lips touching mines .. the memories shall never fade . But, I appreciate all you’ve done .. Thanks for the false lies and trying to love me I know I was hard to deal with .. but you didn’t have to give up on me …..

Jada Johnson

(via pizzza-kween)